Tuesday, November 18, 2014

never say never

Just last month I was bad-mouthing Primal Docs:  well, to teach me a lesson, one of their members hit one out of the park today!  :-)

She writes of some paleo/primal foods which are problematic with either shingles or herpes, and her discussion is very lucid and convincing.  I copied the URL and trotted right over to facebook, where one of my Utah friends had been experiencing some pre-rash shingles pain -- I hope she has a look at the article!  Some people resist treating their physical ills with diet and lifestyle ... as we well know!  But if it's bad enough...?

In any case, this is the article I linked for her:  http://primaldocs.com/opinion/4-paleo-diet-foods-to-avoid-with-herpes-or-shingles/  (and thank the gods I don't have those issues!)


  1. Hm, I would put such foods into the anty-allergy pile (broth and chocolate are well-known offenders), the virus-fighting remedy? However, it is always possible another person knows better.

    1. yes, chocolate has a bad reputation for allergy ... but a good reputation as an antioxidant. :-) i think it goes to show that "antioxidants" are not the angelic substances they're usually considered!

    2. In my experience most promoted foods with anty-oxidants make allergies worse(for example, a red apple is much worse than a green one), but are beneficial when it is necessary to jump-start the immune response. From such point of view what is causing allergies should be taken at the very beginning of an outbreak, but not at the middle or end, when it is possible your body is reacting on a infection with all might already, and you don't want your body to go into the overdrive in the opposite direction.