Thursday, March 20, 2014

reading inspires yet more speculation

Hyperlipid is endlessly illuminating!  In "Cirrhosis and Fructose" Peter goes looking for endotoxin in the bloodstream of the experimental rats;  he says:
"Endotoxin (gram negative bacterial wall components) belongs in your gut, not in your bloodstream (if endotoxin is in your blood stream one function of LDL cholesterol to mop it up...)."

Hmmmm....  Hypothyroidism is largely an autoimmune problem these days, implying a leaky gut.  Hypo people are renowned for their high LDL.  Could this, perhaps, be one reason WHY (beyond the receptor's need for T3 to activate)?

As the best bloggers repeatedly say, Nature didn't evolve processes which have become modern problems, simply as a way to mess us up.  Things like physiological insulin resistance started out as adaptive processes, and just got out of hand when we started thinking that we could improve on Nature (margarine, anyone?).

There is absolutely no doubt that LDL isn't out to kill us, but to repair our interior damage.  If the body makes a lot of it, surely it perceives that there's a lot of damage that needs to be ameliorated.  In the end, does a high-carb diet raise LDL because it (and the attendant insulin) is harming tissues which then need repair?

Seems to me that removing the signposts of trouble (lowering TC) is a really dumb way of dealing with our health problems.  We're not eliminating police departments in our cities as a way to reduce crime, for a very good reason.  Artificially changing lab numbers doesn't make the underlying problem go away.

So here's another technique to improve health in hypothyroidism -- it seems that alcohol and fructose both contribute to a leaky gut, and polyunsaturated fats don't help the situation.  Saturated fats DO, and glycine helps. and taurine as well.  And zinc....

Again -- hmmmm....


A "wrong" restaurant choice seems to have given me a bad case of gastritis yesterday!  I haven't felt such pain since childbirth....

Everything i ate yesterday went down the sewer, one way or another.  This morning i've been cautiously sipping things to try to avoid the same miserable results i got yesterday -- even from a small tub of gelatin!  I'm hungry enough, even being fat-adapted -- glucose-burners in my position would be ready to chew on the woodwork, i imagine!  Chicken broth with parsley added has been soothing but not very energy-providing.  Cola was a no-go.  Still feeling weak and shaky, i just sucked on a ribose tablet and felt a little better.

It's gonna be another long day....


  1. Sounds nasty, Tess. I hope it passes soon.

    Re the other, I took a gander at Lecture Pad for the first time in ages yesterday and it astounds me that all those very smart people still think LDL is evil and statins are par for the course. All those 'conditions' starting with "hyper-"'s surreal.

    1. it's better now, thank you! I just had dinner -- a Turkish leg-of-lamb recipe we tried for the first time -- and so far no pain! :-D

      I haven't looked at Lecture Pad since the dawn of time -- I guess I need to go back....

  2. A stomach cramp akin to the pain of childbirth ?! Oh dear I hope you feel better soon! That sounds terrible :( take care

    1. it was bad -- but it's gone now, thank the gods....

  3. Hi Tess

    Sorry to hear you have been having a bad time.

    Eddie and Jan

    1. PS That Turkish leg of lamb recipe sounds interesting....

      Take Care

      All the best Jan

    2. thanks! i made the mistake of eating dinner last night, and four hours later the gastritis reared its ugly head again. :-( today, i'm not eating....