Sunday, November 3, 2013

back to work, yet again

Being distracted from pursuing my health-and-fitness goals by Life is an ongoing problem with me!  Since my husband retired in May, i've wrestled with this issue and am slowly developing a strategy ... but it's still a work in progress.

A simple low-carb diet suits him fine, though when he wants to accelerate weight LOSS he has to be more strict.  I have to be far more restrictive in every phase of my diet because i have problems that he doesn't.  He doesn't have FODMAP or histamine concerns, fatigue issues, or a lot of other intolerances that i have to work around.  He is, in fact, "disgustingly" healthy.  :-)

But it's back on the LC-wagon for both of us, this week!  For the last half of October, what with being out of town for my mother's 90th birthday party, then her visit with us, then a little whooping-it-up for Halloween, we've both been unusually self-indulgent!  Thursday afternoon, i actually made a batch of popcorn and split it with him -- WICKED!  ;-)  I made some sweet-potato fries, too, to accompany our grilled lamb chops.  At least we didn't buy any candy....

Today we had our last "evil" meal, trying out a new restaurant.  Pat's Bar & Grill offers huge servings, and we're STUFFED.  Tonight we'll have a light dinner, and tomorrow we'll be "perfect" again.  There's a leg of lamb thawing in the sink, and a couple of beef tenderloin steaks in the fridge.  We have smoked salmon ready to be made into cornucopias with cream cheese and capers, and a pastured chicken to be grilled a la diavolo.

As i've observed before, going back on a stricter diet in our house is something to look forward to!  It's only for "convenience" and accommodating others that we start getting sloppy in our food choices.  That's why i like living a "boring" existence, i have to confess -- i just prefer the good physical feeling that comes from eating an ascetic-but-ketogenic diet!  It's not like a traditional ascetic diet of coarse bread, potatoes and unbuttered vegetables, thank goodness.


  1. Having a husband who agrees to eat a LC diet is very convenient!

    1. it's a huge relief that he doesn't give me a lot of resistance, as SOME people report their husbands/wives do! he's usually pretty content with low-carb home-made breads (like Wooo's flax bread, oopsie rolls, paleo biscuits or fatbread), shirataki noodles, spaghetti squash, etc. we eat out often enough that if he wants "the real thing" he's able to order it. :-)

  2. Wow a 90th birthday that's special indeed.

    Like the sound of the smoked salmon dish ..... enjoy

    All the best Jan

    1. :-) J used to make that mixture into a roll and then slice it, making fancy pinwheels ... but i think those are fine for a party but too messy for everyday. my simplified version is just one little bite.