Tuesday, March 25, 2014

my favorite catsup recipe

Reading comments on Wooo's blog (always best after she's responded to everyone), there was a discussion of condiments for boosting vinegar intake.  I have a favorite recipe for catsup myself, adapted from an early "Joy of Cooking."  Quite easy for those like me who NEVER manage to raise them successfully.

   4 cans diced tomatoes
   2 onions (not the sweet kind), chopped coarsely
   1 t. minced garlic
   3 medium jalapenos, or to taste
Cook over very low heat for several hours till everything is quite mushy.  Let cool, then blend till smooth.  Return to the pot and add:
   6 t. sugar's-worth in whatever sweetener you prefer (I use 6 drops of liquid sucralose)
   1/2 c vinegar (I prefer ACV)
   a sprinkle of celery salt
In a cheesecloth bag place:
   1" cinnamon stick
   1 t. whole cloves
   1 t. whole allspice
   1 t. black peppercorns
   1 small nutmeg, broken up
Simmer to the desired consistency, remove the spice bag, then refrigerate, freeze, or can (if you know how).


  1. Oops, it looks like I spelled something wrong again when I used the word ketchup. Interesting recipe, I usually don't use many spices, mainly garlic and bay leaf.

    1. :-) no you didn't! i think spelling it with K is the original way, and somehow the alternative developed -- probably the "fault" of Daniel Webster!

  2. Catsup or Ketchup ... it is good to share recipe's.


    All the best Jan

  3. I took an easy road - just added into my existing ketchup grounded cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves to see the difference. I can taste cloves the most, it is an improvement.

  4. Whew, that looks like a lot of work when Hunt's makes a variety w/out HFCS ;-) !!!
    BTW, I made your jalapeno egg squares which turned out great - but next time I will spread thinner (larger pan) so there are more crispy edges. (when I go to the trouble to cook, I want something of substance - although I have to admit I've been pleased w/my results w/homemade mayonnaise)

    1. i need to tell Gina (whose egg-square recipe that is) how much we're all enjoying it! :-D

      i use the Hunts when i'm away from home, but it's nice to be able to control the sweetness, vinegar content, and spiciness myself. i use the base recipe to make my own BBQ sauce as well. i tend to enjoy cooking, though, and the operation is pretty easy when you have all the equipment sitting there ready. throw the ingredients in a pan, put it over low heat and forget about it a few hours. turn off the burner. next day, blend it and add the vinegar and a bag full of whole spices. cook awhile. pour it in a jar. :-) voila.