Monday, April 2, 2012

first day of the rest of my paleo life

I love coffee,
I love tea,
I love the java....

lol -- couldn't resist.  After yesterday, i figured it was appropriate.

Whew, yesterday....  Even Nature was playing April Fool jokes; ninety degrees this early in the year is just weird.  Today will be that hot again, and then we'll get some more seasonable weather.

Last week's orgy of eating out is over.  Having started being "good" again (i swear, i really wasn't that bad), last night i re-read various sections of "Strong Medicine" again, as a reminder and an inspiration.  I've also re-watched a few of the videos from last summer's Ancestral Health Symposium.  Dr. Lustig's presentation (as well as some others) was so technically descriptive, it amazes me that anyone can argue with the insulin hypothesis!  So who should one believe, theoreticians or practicing physicians who actually improve the health of live human patients...?

Anyhow!  Off i go, yet again, with absolutely no cheating this week.  Next week i'll have houseguests, so "perfection" will be out the window, but i'll still keep the carbs as low as i can, even though i'll be in restaurants again.  *Sigh*  Wish to heaven that the professionals cooked like i do....

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