Tuesday, January 13, 2015

the urge to fidget

I reported that, during the lowest point of my head-cold, i could feel that my metabolism had slowed down -- this manifested as a tendency to lie still and think rather than sit up and read.  Since i had to get up and FUNCTION yesterday, i was pleased to find that my energy was not only equal to the mental and physical tasks required, but i was even inclined to fidget a bit while obliged to sit still.

Fidgeting is a sign that your body wants to burn "calories."  "Nervous" movements are part of the subconscious desire to expend pent-up energy as prompted by the SNS, i believe.  It's a good thing.

Spontaneous movement is the best kind -- it means that your body is able and willing to expend the energy you've consumed and/or stored.  On those days when there's an automatic spring in my step, i rejoice in movement, but when i don't FEEL like running around, i find it hard to believe that forcing myself to do so is a good thing.

Yesterday was good -- because it was cold outside and i was so recently under-the-weather, i got my husband to drive me to the courthouse (so i didn't have to deal with the shuttle between the parking-garage and my destination), and to pick me up afterward.  I was lucky in that the trial i was chosen to hear was very short -- it took only a couple of hours of the afternoon, and my fellow jurors agreed on the verdict quickly.  :-)  Nobody went to jail, and someone will get help who needs it.


  1. "Nobody went to jail, and someone will get help who needs it" - sounds a good outcome to me.

    All the best Jan.

    1. :-) the jurors agreed, we'd sleep better with the knowledge we did what we did.

  2. Glad you are on the mend! :)