Thursday, January 8, 2015

my turn

...for a low-grade head-cold!  :-P  I'm certainly grateful that I haven't got the nasty flu-bug that many people are reporting.

This comes after about two weeks of higher-than-normal carb intake.  Yes, though i'm not scarfing down plates full of pasta and loaves of bread, I have had isolated small doses of wheat, corn and legumes, on top of some sugar.  And I seem to be paying the price with a tender throat, stuffy-head- and body-aches. 

It's a good day to stay inside, wrapped in a blanket -- the wind-chill is down near 0 F.  If I were still a working-stiff in the QC lab, I wouldn't think I had a good excuse to stay home, though -- my energy is normal as opposed to how I felt after picking up that bacterium at my son's farm.  Then, prying myself off the settee to go into the bathroom was a chore.

Since I went low-carb, I've been less likely to catch viruses.  This trend only improved when I strenuously avoided the "Neolithic agents of disease," and most of my incidents of malaise (like this one) have come after times of indulgence in them!

"Coincidence?  I think not!"  ;-)

Is it because glucose competes with ascorbate for receptors?  Because grains and legumes mess with our intestines?  Can't say.  But it happens with almost predictable regularity.

I'm going to treat the situation as an excuse to lie around staying warm, getting extra rest, and having every excuse to indulge in a coffee-and-broth fast.  Oh, IF I get hungry later (not even close now at 12:30), I have some of the leftover Pichelsteiner stuff -- it was tasty last night, and I suspect it will only improve with time. 


  1. Do hope you're feeling a lot better.

    All the best Jan

  2. Yep, it's weird - yesterday I indulged in some Chex mix; last night my sinuses BLEW UP! Been keto'ing hard today - I believe my first day EVAH to be < 20 g carbs - but ya know what? My head's cleared up too...