Tuesday, May 13, 2014

head-desk-banging THE sport of the 21st century?

Well, if you're like me, with over a half-century of living with hypothyroidism, it certainly could be.  The things i hear and read, from both mainstream medicine and alte-quacks, make me ask my computer WHAT THE FUCK DO THESE PEOPLE USE FOR BRAINS?

Sorry -- i just have to THINK ABOUT IT AND I....

Oops, there i go again.  [deep breath]

People seem to look at the thyroid as though it's a vending machine -- it either works or it doesn't.  It either is plugged in or not -- the electronics and mechanical bits are working or they're not.  Either the delivery guy refilled and restocked everything, or he didn't ... well, maybe there are some few products left in it, but nothing that anybody actually wants....

In contrast, maybe people should think of a thyroid as an interactive game.  If you enter THIS, then THAT happens.  If you enter X then nothing -- but if you enter X AND Y you then get A, B and C!

Treating complex systems like very simple ones leads to all kinds of stupid notions.  Stupid notions lead to bad hypotheses.  Bad hypotheses lead to crummy studies.  Crummy studies lead to the kind of bullshit you read on idiotic "health" blogs and forums.

I REALLY get tired of refuting the inane ideas i read.  Bad advice from inexperienced hobbyists, lavishly ladled out to people who have been let down by the medical industry....  Fifth-hand hearsay treated like gospel because somebody thinks they heard it from a well-known bodybuilder....

There ARE people out there doing good science, but you're actually going to have to do a lot of sifting of BS to find it.  Hint:  the people with the most reliable info are very unlikely to have their lab in a gym, or compile data from rodents.  MDs with the best advice will NEVER insist that Synthroid is just as good as Armour, nor fight you about ordering more than just a TSH test.  Reliable naturopaths are NOT going to tell you that a low-carb diet will fry your thyroid ... or your brain or your liver or anything else.

As Wanda told Otto:
Now let me correct you on a couple of things, okay?  Aristotle was not Belgian.  The central message of Buddhism is not "every many for himself."  The London Underground is not a political movement.  Those are all mistakes.  I looked 'em up.

I know i should go look into the recent "thyroid summit" stuff, but it just infuriates and drains me to listen to all the GARBAGE that gets repeated 'round and 'round on the subject.  Over and over.  And i can type how my EXPERIENCE obliterates their NOTIONS over and over, and the CWers just don't listen.  Hell, i can refute the stoopid to people who know mainstream medicine is shit, and they STILL don't look thyroid "truths" in the mouth -- people who have been treated badly by MDs and shrinks and rheumatologists and "obesity experts" and ... STILL they think that what "everybody knows" about thyroids is correct???

WHAT ARE THEY USING FOR BRAINS?  [head-desk-bang....]


  1. Hypothyroidism was just featured on Dr, oz... Not holding my breath on this one.

  2. [groan...]

    i can only imagine the horror....

  3. I just stay away from the thyroid discussions and reading about metabolism resetting protocols because I can't take it. Micromanagement of test numbers with pills is the most popular health approach at the moment, if doctors do it all the time, why different quacks should stay behind? My guess humans are very resilient by nature and will survive current medical treatments like they survived bloodletting, treating high fewer with a red cloth, out-of-counter medicine with opiates and tonics with arsenic in the past.

  4. very, very well said Tess...