Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Is it thermogenesis, or is it a histamine reaction?  [sigh]

As Almond-Oh once observed, the more I learn, the more ignorant I feel!  :-)  It's an hour after I ate lunch (leftover grilled chicken leg quarter), and i'm getting that post-prandial heat sensation.  Once upon a time, I would have congratulated myself on being able to raise my metabolism to burn off the fuel.  Before that, I might have thought I was having a hot-flash.  Before THAT I might have thought I needed to adjust the thermostat (i'm currently in gulf-coast Texas, where it's common to have the a/c on in the dead of winter).

After my horrible experience in the summer, of severe histamine-intolerance, I tend to suspect that sort of reaction.  So I just popped a "tab" of nicotine gum, which I find an excellent remedy for "histamine poisoning."  If (when the a/c fan has been off for a couple of minutes) I no longer feel overheated, it was probably THAT.  (Yep, it seems to be IT.)

SO many little things interact within the body to make it perform the way it does -- it's awe-inspiring.  These physical vehicles of ours are constantly adjusting chemical parameters ... and yet we all want a simple answer for why we feel "this" way or how we come to have "that" reaction.  Tweak one hormonal level and get a dozen little changes all the way down the cascade.  Supplement a neurotransmitter (or even one of its precursors), and get a surprising response that you never expected....

Since my LAST trip (Colorado, earlier this month) I've been on a minimalist supplementation regimen -- i'm only taking the bare minimum.  I didn't carry my iron on that trip, and I felt the difference so I brought it this time.  I brought the betaine-HCl but since my bout of gastritis it seems to do more harm that good, but I do have the serrapeptase for just-in-case.  Wine has been boosting the stomach-acid as well, so I've reduced my meal-time serving from four-to-six ounces down to three.  BEING in TX, I've used the Daosin (it's like Histame) a couple of times, too -- this climate is horrible for people who have allergic sensitivities!  It never gets cold enough to kill fungi and yeasts, and the humidity fuels them too.

Hoping the allergens don't interfere too badly with weight-loss, because the Low-Carb Cruise is in six weeks, and i'm hoping that my trial with Kwasniewski's Optimal Diet will get me to my weight goal ... which San Francisco's food environment and various infections over the past year have postponed!  I have twelve pounds to go.  We're taking our daughter's family with us this time, and anticipate a glorious vacation!  :-D


  1. Tess, what a lovely vacation to look forward to. Please say hello to our low carb friends for us .....and have a great time.

    All the best Jan

    1. I believe that Franziska is speaking -- I look forward to meeting her, and i'll definitely be dropping your names! :-D ...i'm sure we WILL have a great time! i'll be proud to show off my lovely LC daughter, and her beautiful paleo kids, too!

  2. That low-carb cruise sounds wonderful; can't wait to hear all about it!

    1. i "promised" to write about last year's cruise, too, but i failed miserably. :-) J and i had a lot of fun, and it was interesting to meet so many people i'd only read about. a few impressed me significantly while a few were ... well, we still snicker about a certain lovely lady who was too dumb to know the calibre of audience she was addressing. ;-) all-in-all, a very positive experience!