Saturday, February 15, 2014

why it's really, REALLY stupid to offend a blogger....

Dion Fortune wrote in her book "The Sea Priestess" that "people who value public opinion are at a very great disadvantage in dealing with people who don't."  When i first read that, it struck such a chord with me, i found it worth remembering....

I don't know if "Bill" (obviously not OUR Bill L.) cares about his reputation or not -- except that he's carefully cultivating public opinion that he IS an asshole -- but i'll do what i can in my small way to make sure the world hears what a low reputation he OUGHT to have.  THAT is why being rude to people on the 'net because they can't slap you across the face for real ... is still a bad idea.

I don't have Andreas Eenfeldt's blog on my list because his message tends to be rather elementary.  When i sometimes read his latest title on other people's blog lists, though, i occasionally pop into his (and others') out of curiosity, just to see if there's any usable info.  "Is There a Safe Amount of Sugar" turned out to be as empty as usual, but i read the comments anyway.  Mistake!  The poor doctor's audience is well fitted to his message.

Do you remember in old Loony Toons episodes where Daffy Duck lisps past a major head-injury "THIS MEANS WAR"?  Yeah.  And i don't play Ms. Niceguy any more -- it doesn't pay.  So here on my own turf, i'll ADVERTISE what a brainless GIT he is.  Playing with hyperbole and projection techniques just like the worst trolls are wont to do.

It's SUCH a pity that paid-for blog sites like DietDoctor don't make people identify themselves better, or i'd let it be known what Bill's real name and contact info are.  So that anyone googling his name will be immediately informed what a stupid shit he is, how meaningless and worthless his comments, and how TINY HIS DICK.  How not one word if valid information is likely EVER to pass his lips, though i'm willing to bet he's a big proponent of resistant starch and Nikolean "philosophy."  There's no doubt of his nationality, though -- he's obviously a proud patriot of Fuctardia.

;-)  Now, THAT was fun.  Eddie, may i nominate Bill for one of those gold-plated trophies over at the Low Carb Diabetic?


  1. Hi Tess

    As that guy goes he is a light weight. Have you ever noticed these chumps never say what they are really angry about. I reckon I know. The last guy like this has long disappeared. I sent him a blow up doll, problem solved.

    Regards Eddie

    1. "blow up doll" -- LOL!

      yes, he didn't really COMMUNICATE anything, just poured on contempt. I've learned that letting people abuse one like that just encourages them to behave badly. I had a bullying employer once who tended to bulldoze anyone who was at all diplomatic with him.... when he challenged one of my actions once, I just told him my point of view and amazingly, he never challenged me again....

    2. I find the threat of a punch in the face usually does the trick. Violence used to be a fulltime job, but I'm getting old LOL

      Regards Eddie