Sunday, February 16, 2014

knew it all along....


  1. O, I don't know. Out of the people who I find annoying in nutrition blogosphere there are zero sadistic personalities. Jane is a good intentional person with a tunnel vision, Charles is not a particularly bright individual who wants to live forever because of taking statines and avoiding red meat and defends his delusion. Ganther-gatherer is an idiot who blindly follows anyone, it was Peter couple years ago , now his vegan girlfriend. Christopher who hates Jemmy Moor is just so naive in his logic, that it makes him almost funny. It is like - Evelyn/Carbsane proved that LCarbing is an eating disorder. I don't know how she did it because I had no clue what she was talking about, but since she is an expert and scientist, we have to respect her expertise and follow her in her fight with JM. Also - LC is bad because Jimmy invented it. Super LOL.

    1. the sites i go to for health information are not too bad, compared to some. ...that's why i only read political sites that are well moderated!