Thursday, October 3, 2013


I HAVE been an enthusiastic reader of low-carb paleo/ancestral-nutrition groups on facebook, but i have to confess, it's gotten a bit stale and tedious in spots.  For one thing, i get the impression that people just don't do their homework and due-diligence.

Maybe they're just trying to stir up discussion, but the "I just discovered such-and-such -- what does everyone think about it?" SO often covers something that was talked to death long ago that one just has to roll one's eyes and move on.  Gotcha -- it's new to YOU, and you're excited about it.  That's great, and i'm happy for you -- i hope it gives you help, support and success, but a lot of us have beaten that dead horse till our arms are tired and our backs bowed.  I REALLY don't think ANOTHER discussion is going to bring up any fresh news.

Go back and read the archives.

I mean it.  Literally.  Sincerely.  Go to the blog of whomever has helped you the most and given you the most effective advice, and read the archives, including the comments.  You'll hear both sides of the argument expounded-upon at length.  That should tell you if people's experiences agreed with the concept or not.

Or are they less interested in the information, and more into conversation?  Depending on what your goal is, i suppose, you can open a topic YET AGAIN or go back and see how the long-term discussion has gone.  Me, i'm after the informational overview. ...I guess i can just roll my eyes and read on.


  1. I think most people are just too lazy to read. Anything longer than 140 words and people start dozing off.

  2. If you can stand Facebook, you have more patience than I do.

    1. have to confess, i block a lot of people's posts and ignore even more with a shudder....

  3. Facebook, Twitter, Texts, Social Media, Blogs, Forums etc etc

    This is what many call "Modern Living"

    Some of it leaves me 'cold'. I guess we the individual decide what we want to read, who we want to follow, whether we leave a comment, state our view etc.

    Sometimes I think "Modern Living" is taking us all along at too fast a pace.

    Give me space and time to chill or even 'blob out'

    Have a great weekend

    All the best Jan

  4. a great weekend to you, too, Jan! ...i almost "have to" stay with FB to see the latest from some of my friends and extended family -- in that respect, it's been a good thing. i know my nieces much better because of it! :-)