Thursday, October 31, 2013

happy halloween!!!

It's opined by some that our attraction to celebrating the Dark Side on All Hallows Eve is EEEEEVILLLL -- to which i reply POPPYCOCK.  These folks are inclined to be afraid of everything that is "different" from their experience.

Others are more philosophical, but equally wrong IMHO, in assuming we want to be scared as an artificial means of getting an adrenaline fix.  They remind me of book-experts of historic costume who have never actually WORN authentic clothing of a period, and therefore have ridiculous notions as to why certain practices existed.

Closer to truth, i believe, is the desire to analyze our fear of death and come to terms with it by plumbing the depths, seeing the worst, understanding it, and thereby removing a lot of the Unknown quantity that causes the uneasiness.  We aren't afraid of the dark -- it's what's hidden by the darkness that's scary.  If we know what's out there, we're better equipped to deal with it.

Those of us who believe in reincarnation are convinced that we know what's on the other side.  By and large, we're not afraid of death, but would dearly love to know more of the DETAILS of what our departed friends are experiencing.  We want more insight, and long to communicate.

Dead people are very important to the living!  We seek out their writings for access to the wisdom they accrued, for amusement, and insight into the world they walked through, ages before we were born.  This doesn't even take into account the longing we have to make one more contact with loved ones we've lost.

Play a game:  if you could ask just one question of someone who has passed beyond the veil, who and what would it be?  As you are trying to drift off to sleep tonight, ask it.  Some remarkable results have been experienced, doing this.


  1. Am I a spoilsport?

    I agree that at times it would be nice to have another conversation with a friend or loved one, perhaps a big hug or to see that special person smile again but sorry Tess I will not "play a game".

    I am sitting quietly enjoying a glass of red wine and Stilton cheese this Halloween night.

    If any of your readers do "play the game" I hope they let us know the outcome.

    ........Sending over a glass of wine, Cheers and good health

    All the best Jan

    1. no, you're not a spoilsport; play or don't play as you prefer.... happy samhain -- "celtic new year" -- Jan!

  2. I love Halloween and can't stand goody-goodies who poo-poo it.

    Long, long ago, maybe people with a fascination with dead flesh cracked open skulls and bones and ate the contents; may the ones excited by dark, scary places got together with some friends and killed a cave bear. Some trick or treat!

    1. hope your Halloween was a delightful one! :-)

      one thing i should have mentioned, above, was this aspect: we all have an unevolved side to our natures, and it's the goal of most of us to conquer it and "rise above." one of the things you find in some of the best Halloween stories/movies is a version of this -- facing our OWN dark side, acknowledging it, but not letting it control us.

      i suspect the "goody-goodies" don't want to admit they HAVE such a side, even to themselves, let alone their buddies at church. they prefer to look at themselves as "redeemed" without any effort on their own part, and regard the world as black-and-white (with themselves being "white" and "the other" being "black") ... and then are surprised when the minister runs away with the church organist along with the Building Fund! :-)

  3. Less long ago, I used to have the sensation that something was sitting on my chest and would fight to wake up. It was terrifying. Recently, I learned it happens all over the world and people attributed it to demons. In reality, it's sleep paralysis, which accounts for some hallucinations, UFO abductions and witch abductions.

    1. :-D a favorite esoteric book called "Psychic Self Defense" talks about how to determine if a problem is truly a psychic attack or something less spectacular.... she recommends starting by assuming it's mundane, and urges a good laxative.