Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mercury direct again -- here's hoping it will help!

...because the stoopid has been really thick lately!

Everyone in professional media seems not to have gotten the right kind or amount of attention during their formative years, because the clamor to get their fifteen minutes of fame has become deafening in these our times.  Of course, an awful lot of amateurs are even worse.

Ladies and gentlemen, ANYONE can be (and almost everyone probably is) a racist, sexist, agist, religion-ist -- you name it.  This just means that one makes a series of presumptions about people based on nothing but one's perception of what they MAY be like, because of the demographic to which they belong.  Things like individual bearing and mien, how people dress and speak, influence us as well.  This is deeply ingrained -- instinctive.  It's adaptive and protective ... and often counter-productive.

What gets nasty is when unevolved people act on their instincts.  When people with an axe to grind buy the airwaves and serve up the hate and fear in supersize portions.  When selfish fucktards aren't knocked back into the primordial ooze in which they belong, because other selfish fucktards have seized power which they're not qualified to wield -- because when you live in a SOCIETY you have an obligation to behave in a SOCIAL manner.  Breakers of the social contract should not be allowed to benefit from it.

Way too many people are ANTI-SOCIAL in every definition of the word.  It's disgusting.  GROW UP.


  1. Antisocial or self protective, that is keeping to one's self and tribe, for our own protection and comfort? Most people belong to a tribe. Within our tribe, we are social. Those outside of the tribe are considered other life forms, to be ignored or avoided as much as practical. That is what natural for many. Those of us who have fallen outside our native tribes will talk to anyone, but do not feel the need to just talk to be heard. Sorry for not commenting more.

  2. it's good to see you back again, Fred! i could tell you were in study mode (as opposed to communication mode) there for a long time -- i bet you got a lot of good stuff out of your philosophical reading! :-)

    naturally, you've got a point. the size of our "societies" has gotten out of hand, which makes life more difficult. we live cheek-by-jowl with other tribes, and our laws are designed to try to make this proximity less abrasive. but we have professional hate-stirrers and fear-cultivators poking us zoo-animals through the bars. in the name of free speech, a lot of harm is done. then, some people don't seem to feel alive unless they're all excited about something. reminds me of the kinds of people i avoided in high school....

  3. I hope this isn't about my ageist comment to Dr. Feinman. Sorry!

  4. heavens no, Lori! :-) my annoyance was aimed toward the professional political trouble-mongers.

  5. "when you live in a SOCIETY you have an obligation to behave in a SOCIAL manner"

    I think more work needs to be done on this, but hasn't it always?

    All the best Jan