Friday, July 5, 2013

mayo for Kim :-D


This is the recipe that i like best, but everyone will probably find a combination of oils that suits their tastebuds, alone as well as in various special combinations.  For example, "potato" salad is particularly good with bacon grease as one of the fats involved in the dressing....

1 egg
1-2 T. lemon juice, depending on destined use and how tangy you like your mayo
1/2 t. ground mustard
1/4 t. pepper -- white pepper is the prettiest choice  ;-)
1/4 t. sea salt
1/3 c. olive oil
1/3 c. avocado oil
1/3 c. MCT oil

You CAN use all-olive, but it dominates the flavor of the dressing.  I haven't experimented with things like macadamia oil, but i think it would be lovely and buttery.

...And HERE is the method that turned me from a rarely-making to a routinely-making mayo chef!  All i can say is WOW....



  1. Mmmm... bacon grease.
    It seems to be the gout du jour (can't be arsed to find accent for gout)
    Tom Naughton just did a bacon grease mayo on his blog.

    And what about BaconPalooza...?

  2. :-) yes, i read Tom's mayo post -- i would have just linked that for Kim, but this video just blew me away with its simplicity! the time i made "baconnaise" i used part olive oil because i was doing it the hard way in my food processor, drizzling the oil in slowly. i haven't made the bacon version since i learned the all-at-once, stick-blender technique. i guess i should!

  3. Wow...thanks Tess! I tried mayo once...with BACON grease...didn't turn out so well...think I'll try again. I'll let you know how it works.

    1. it's been awhile since i made it, but i either made mine 50-50 w/ olive oil, or only a third bacon grease (barely warmed). i found it a little "heavy" as a chicken-salad dressing, but it was undeniably tasty. the virtue of using MCT oil is its complete lack of flavor-distraction.

  4. I said- ridiculously easy! I used 1/3 Bacon grease & 2/3 MCT oil...texture is nice enough and tastes amazing-but still a little runny after refridgeration. So next time maybe 50/50 and leave the blender in longer. Still, I don't think I'll buy mayo again. Might try light olive oil/MCT oil next time for a more neutral flavor?

    1. commercial mayo is just too full of "bad stuff"! light OO+MCT will probably be VERY mild. :-)