Friday, October 3, 2014

no wonder i was tired!

It's not very unusual for me to suffer from headaches in Texas -- it rarely gets cold enough (in the places i spend time) to kill the nasty buggies, molds, fungi, weeds, et al that do horrible things to my sinuses and other membranes.  On the gulf coast i tend to be a habitual user of benedryl and often ibuprofen, too.  Yesterday my headache would NOT go away.  I drank coffee by the quart, ate "mostly harmless" things, minimized wine, rested ... did everything right, and still felt dragged out and crummy.

Decaf.  I was drinking decaf and didn't recognize it till this morning.

Should i write a rant, complaining that some coffee brands need to label a little more obviously?

[sigh]  I feel so dumb.  ;-)


  1. At some point on of the doctors who I went to for treating migraines told me I had to stop all caffeine, tea included. To my surprise I had a persistent low-grade headache for whole three days due to a caffeine withdrawal. I gave a caffeine-free regiment a try for couple months, didn't find it working and happily quit. Day is more enjoyable when gets started with a cup of coffee.
    It is amazing how we get used to our coffee and teas. I plan to try to get dry St.John's Worth and see how adding it to my tea will brighten dark time of the year or not.

    1. when I first went on Atkins, I stopped using caffeine and after a couple of days I was fine. as time went on, I went back to the stuff, but generally I try to stop after two cups of "regular" every morning -- I prefer to use caffeine as a drug, just like I use alcohol, and if one is habituated to too much of either, they don't work predictably. ... which is why I was disconcerted that the coffee wasn't helping my headache. :-) it's gone now.