Monday, August 26, 2013

observations continue and diet purity begins again

Despite the lack of rain here, the mold reading in St. Louis is back up to high, as are the pollen levels of grass and ragweed.  Since "Dysonizing*" the entire second floor of the house and "Idylisizing" the bedroom, my allergies/histamine issues have been much better.  When i stepped out into the backyard, though, the fatigue recommenced -- the steamy, motionless air and relentless sunshine just flattened me.  I've been forgoing wine (one short Campari-and-soda yesterday) most days but had some mushrooms during the course of the week.  Heigh-ho, life is a balancing act....

My husband announced last night, over our dinner of leftovers, that he was going to start induction again today, so we're both back on the wagon.  Just as well -- with our busy year and many recent trips, my weight has inched up two or three pounds with each excursion till my "skinny" size 6 jeans are on the snug side.  (I completely wore out my "fat 8s" so there's no going back.)  So my breakfast was bulletproof coffee (and J had his favorite scramble), then we went to Schnuck's and Costco and stocked up on dietary staples:  ground beef, strip steaks, rib roast, chicken breasts and deli meat (to make breadless turkey clubs), pork rinds, eggs, cream cheese, and so on.  J is banging around the kitchen as i type this, concocting meatloaf.  There's both a duckling and a rack of lamb thawing in the sink.

Compare this to how i USED to feel going on a diet before LCHF!  Dread and a grim tightening of the belt, as i anticipated hunger and dissatisfaction, and miserable hours on the treadmill or stationary bicycle.  Thank all the gods that i got curious about that Atkins guy!
* OMG i can't believe how much dust and hair that machine can pick up!  i've been using a vintage Kirby, and it's been completely put to shame.  The two bedside rugs from the rarely-used best guest room yielded as much debris to the Dyson as our bedroom historically surrendered to the old vacuum....


  1. I wonder how adapted humans are to mold. We evolved on mostly dry grasslands and went through a number of (dry) ice ages over the past 100,000 years.

    1. I don't think my husband has any problem with it, but i sure do. Probably behind all my histamine issues!

  2. Mmmmm your food sounds good. Nothing like a good stock up trip to Costco to get your meals going again.

    My allergies got better after I moved from central Indiana to San Diego. The drier weather was good for me.

    Take care and enjoy your yummy meals. So good to eat well and loose the weight that way.

    1. Thanks, Karen! ...San Diego is a beautiful place, and curious that it should be dry, on the coast like that....