Saturday, June 22, 2013

giving "medicine" to my husband

I can't get J to read any of the literature on dietary philosophy, but he declares himself willing to just eat whatever i tell him to;  okay, you asked for it, buddy!  ;-)  I'm putting him on the Strong Medicine protocol.

This is THE most effective dietary regimen i've ever experienced.  Historically, i've resisted the temptation to limit other people this way, though i widely recommend that people read the book.  J has always been able to lose fat much more easily than i, so i haven't advocated it to him before.  However, he's been expressing disappointment in his rate of loss this time (i'd be thrilled with it, but that just shows ya...), so i'm bringing out the big guns.

We'll see how it goes!  Frankly, I LOVE the ability to forget about food.  On this plan, you don't need to be creative or spend significant time in the kitchen.  Just keep plenty of the right meat on hand, and forget about wondering what to have on tomorrow's menu!  After forty years of marriage, i occasionally find meal-planning unbearably tedious.  But with Strong Medicine, you eat fatty meat and coffee for three meals a day, and the pounds melt off.  The first time i did it, i worked the bugs out -- i HAVE to add salt, and three 6-oz meals work better for me than 3 8-oz (though 2 8-oz seems to be okay).  When i'm by myself, forgoing alcohol on this plan is easier than when i'm around other people -- but my husband is on the wagon for weight-loss purposes already!  So....

Gonna go ZC for awhile!  YES!!!!!  :-)


  1. Good luck!
    My husband is the same - won't read any of the books, just listens to me rant on, eats what I give him and says he feels loads better. He's even more anti-carb than me these days. Forty years of marriage! Eurgh! That's a lot :)
    The hardest bit is giving up alcohol :(
    Book link very useful, thnx.

    1. i hope you find the book interesting! it's funny in spots, because it's a product of a very unenlightened era.... but Donaldson learned a lot in all his years of practice -- not theory, as modern obesity researchers spout, but actual experience with IRL patients!

      ;-) sometimes, giving up alcohol is out of the question, but if i can stick it out for four weeks, i'll reach my goal weight for the first time in a decade.

  2. My husband won't read the books and thinks it's all hype. He believes moderation is the way to go and just scoffs at me when I tell him I want to eliminate wheat or sugar. It's frustrating but we're trying to figure out a way to work together. Best wishes to you and hubby.

    1. thank you, and best wishes to you two as well! moderation may work for "unbroken" metabolisms, but some of us have to take our restrictions further!

    2. Sometimes you have to do it stealthily LTR! (Just like lots of other things!)

  3. Hey Tess ...go for it!
    "After forty years of marriage" ...congratulations, that's a good time together.

    All the best Jan